Welcome to A&R Food Distributors


A&R Food Distributors is a prominent supplier of food and food related products to Public Schools, College/Universities, Healthcare, Hospitality, and various other Institutional Food Service partners.

Demand for healthier and affordable foods are most prevalent in today’s school nutrition programs.  As legislative changes for healthier meals continue to shape the School Nutrition industry, manufacturers’ desire to build future brand loyalty drive innovation for new cost effective meal options.  A&R is the leader in bringing new, compliant products quickly to market while offering flexible solutions to meet current challenges.

A&R’s twenty seven years experience with School Nutrition has proven to be a valuable option with College/Universities who receive consumers indoctrinated to such products.    Whether you are an institution of higher education or a food service partner who wants affordable healthy options for their evolving customers, A&R Food Distributors is an essential partner that delivers excellent service with flexible solutions.



Our products and services include:

Frozen Foods

Snacks & Beverages

USDA Processed Commodities

Grocery/Pantry Items

Paper & Supplies